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Israeli company Tactical Robotics, a subsidiary of UrbanAero, has developed a vehicle that can take off, fly and land without a pilot to save lives. While the AirMule was first designed for military purposes, the creators soon realized it would have many civilian applications.

Air mule helps to evacuate without putting pilots

Air Mule Helps to Evacuate Without Putting Pilots

Air mule helps to evacuate without putting pilots

Air Mule Capabilities

  • Air Mule has the ability to maneuver with unprecedented precision, safety and stealth in even the most constricted areas. Its minimal footprint is only slightly larger than that of a HUMVEE vehicle.
  • It can eliminate personnel exposure to operational hazards.
  • A single vehicle is capable of delivering approximately 6,000 kilograms over 24 hours.
  • Total available cargo volume is 2,640 liters; 1,540 liters of which are internal (770 liters in each of the main cabin compartments) and an additional 1,100 liters available in an optional belly mounted compartment (this includes space for up to two human passengers).
  • The tech can hover in place with high precision and operate in harsh weather and winds of up to 50 knots.
  • It is equipped with a rocket deployed parachute, that will safely lower the complete vehicle and its payload from almost any height in the case of an unlikely malfunction of its engine or lift rotors.
  • Tactical Robotics will now complete further tests, including a “beyond line of sight” flight.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 5, 2016


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