The Great Lockdown Crisis: States/UTs, Employs/Dependents, POST-COVID (Download PDF)

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The Great Lockdown Crisis

  • Farmers and food supply are most visible casualties of India’s battle against coronavirus.

  • Mahua flower is the main source of living for the Gond tribals in Chhattisgarh but they cannot be benefit from it as the village haats remain shut due to the coronavirus-lockdown.

  • Spices feel the heat

    • Testing times for tea plantations in the Nilgiris region of Tamil Nadu and Idukki in Kerala.

    • The export demand for processed tea powder has reduced.

    • Tea estates in Coonoor based United Planters of South India have incurred losses of Rs. 250 crore due to the lockdown.

    • Cardamom farmers of South India have suffered losses to the tune of Rs. 210 crore as per the data with Kochi-based Spices Board.

    • Black pepper farmers in Kerala’s Wayanad and Karnataka’s Kodagu are likely to have incurred losses of Rs. 80 crore.

    • Natural rubber sector has suffered a loss of Rs. 350 crore.

States/UTs, Employs/Dependents, POST-COVID

States/UTs, Employs/Dependents, POST-COVID

States/UTs, Employs/Dependents, POST-COVID

States/UTs, Employs/Dependents, POST-COVID




Delhi (Azadpur mandi-Asia’s biggest fruit, vegetable market)

0.1 million workers including 40 thousand migrant workers

50 % trade loss due to transport restrictions and reverse migration of labourers.

Maharashtra (Nashik-A major grapes producer)

0.2 million farm labourers

Rs 10,000 crore loss due to transportation restrictions and lack of labourers.

Chhattisgarh (Dhamtari-A major forest goods producer has Asia’s biggest lac market)

Tribal and forest-dwelling people

Unable to sell as trading centres, weekly haats, lac processing centres remain shut

Madhya Pradesh (Sehore, wheat, pulses main crops)

0.24 million migrant labourers

Procurement not started people struggle with storing wheat, Pulse mills remain shut

Kerala (A major cardamom and natural rubber producer)

Skilled labourers mainly from Tamil Nadu.

Cardamom farmers suffer a loss of Rs. 210 crore as auctions stop, rubber faces a loss of Rs. 350 crore.

Haryana (Largest Poultry Producer)

25,000 households

Price of a broiler chicken fell by Rs. 50 - 70; egg by Rs. 4 - 4.50 due to rumour.

  • Supply Chain Derailed

    • Flower trade industry in West Bengal was affected badly.

    • A loss of Rs. 15,000 was incurred in just two weeks.

    • Districts like Howrah, Nadia, North and South 24 Parganas and Purbo Medinipur account for 12 % of the country’s total flower production.

    • The lossess could be the tune of Rs. 8 - 10 crore as the market as the market had begun to slowdown as early as mid-March when the govts. Had issued advisories against public gatherings.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 5, 2020


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