The Israel’S Spacecraft Crashed on Moon Moments Before Landing (Download PDF)

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The Israel’s Spacecraft named Beresheet crashed on moon just few moments before its landing. The same spacecraft was previously known as sparrow later on in 2018 it was renamed as Beresheet.

This spacecraft was sent with an aim to take pictures and conduct experiments.

This Spacecraft was a lunar probe operator and a small robotic demonstrator belonging to Israelospace Industries.

Image show Israels First lunar Mission

Image Show Israel’S First Lunar Mission

Image show Israel’s First lunar Mission

Mission Unaccomplished Due to Technical Failure

  • Due to several technical problems the spacecraft into pieces near the Apollo landing sites.

  • The size of the spacecraft was like that of a washing machine being built by non-profit space IL and state owned Israel Aerospace Industries.

  • The Spacecraft travelled for about two months around the earth before entering the lunar orbit.

  • The Beresheet Project cost was about $100 million.

  • This was the smallest and cheapest spacecraft ever to get to the moon.

  • This was the first privately funded mission to the moon that crashed due to apparent failure of its main engine.

  • After a seven-week journey to the Moon, the robotic spacecraft approached a final orbit at 15km (9 miles) from the surface.

The Project’S Mission in a Nutshell

  • To take pictures from the Moon’s surface

  • To promote careers in Science & Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

  • To ensure the landing of Beresheet Spacecraft Projects magnetometer, Digital Time Capsule and laser retro-flector on moon

  • Had succeeded in the mission, Israel would have become the fourth country to do so in the world after Russia, United States and China.

  • The Team Space IL carried out the entire Project work.

Space IL

  • Space IL is a non-profit organization established in 2011

  • Aiming to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon

  • Space IL was the only Israeli representative

  • Space IL in Oct. 2015 reached a dramatic project milestone by becoming the first team to announce a signed launch contract that symbolizes an actual “ticket to the Moon”.

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