With the Red Line Campaign on Antibiotics India Has Extoled for Medicines (Download PDF)

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India ′ s Medicines appreciated with the Red Line campaign on antibiotics by the Global Evaluation on Antimicrobial Resistance in its final report. In 2014 the global review was specially made by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron and was chaired by economist Jim O ′ Neil.

Key highlights of the report

  • India՚s model of placing a red line on antibiotic correspondences to curb their over-the-counter sale can be recycled globally to hostage the increasing threat of superbugs.
  • The campaign must be measured as a starting point to curb overdoing of antibiotics and the classification and signs can be used internationally.
  • Antibiotics and other antimicrobials over-the-counter sale is banned by laws, but their inadequately implementation in some countries and non-existent in many is serious problem.
  • If action is not taken deaths due to antimicrobial confrontation could rise to 10 million each year and it will cost the global economy $ 100 trillion up to 2050.

India՚s Medicines with the Red Line campaign:

  • In February 2016 the campaign was launched by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to challenge the problem of growing misuse of antibiotics across the country.
  • The main aim of campaign is to control irrational use of antibiotics and create awareness on the side special effects of taking antibiotics without prescription.
  • All prescription only antibiotics should be noticeable with a vertical red line on the packets under it.
  • The red line antibiotics packets should be expended on doctor՚s guidance and the patient՚s require completing the full course prescribed by the doctor.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 23, 2016

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