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Papua New Guinea has the most active volcanoes in the South West Pacific. The Ulawun Volcano being one of the world’s most hazardous erupted on 26th June 2019. Earlier in the month of June 2019 two massive volcanic eruptions took place in Papua New Guinea

A massive spewing lava high in the air along with the ash was reported.

This is image show in volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea

This is Image Show in Volcanic Eruption in Papua New Guinea

This is image show in volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea


  • A pilot for Niugini Helicopters flying near the crater witnessed a column of lava spurting vertically into the equatorial sky, along with ash that has been belching since early morning of 26th June 2019.

  • Ulawun, is listed as one of 16 “Decade Volcanoes” targeted for research because they pose a significant risk of large, violent eruptions.

  • Lava had cut off the main highway in north of the island.

  • The Rabaul Volcano Observatory has declared a stage one alert warning of a possible eruption.

  • Ash spewing out of the 2,334 metre (7,657 foot) summit, sending trails spanning high overhead.

  • Japanese satellite imagery and sources on the ground had shown sulphur dioxide and now volcanic ash drifting from the crater. Ash reached more than 13 kilometres (44,000 feet) into the air.

  • Thousands of people live in the shadow of Ulawun, despite it being one of the most active volcanoes in the country.

  • Emissions from the volcano were getting darker, indicating a higher ash content – which can cause breathing problems, eye irritation and skin irritation because of the high acid content.

  • The volcano was” quiet” and there was no indication of any change in its state of unrest according to the experts who visited the site earlier in the month of June 2019.

  • The ash emissions had been proceeded by an increase in seismic activity.

Other Active Volcanoes

Manam, Karkar, Lamington, Langila, Rabaul, Bagana are some of the other most active volcanoes.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 16, 2019

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