Three South Asian Women Selected for International Women of Courage Award (Download PDF)

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The prestigious International Women of Courage Award has been selected three South Asian women in year 2015 by the United States, America. Captain Niloofar Rahmani , Nadia Sharmeen and Tabassum Adnan were selected for the award for their demonstrating exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for peace, justice, human rights and gender equality.

  • Captain Niloofar Rahmani - from Afghanistan Air Force.
  • Nadia Sharmeen- Journalist and women՚s rights activist from Bangladesh.
  • Tabassum Adnan- founder of Khwendo Jirga from Pakistan.

US First Lady Michelle Obama gives the prestigious award of three women in Washington DC on 10 March 2015.

International Women of Courage Award was establish in 2007 on March 8 (International Women՚s Day) which presented by United States Department of State annually.

It award gives for Women Courage around the world that have shown leadership, courage, resourcefulness and willingness to sacrifice for the others, especially for better promotion of women՚s rights.

At present, 86 women from more than 50 different countries including India have been honoured with this award and Indian women, who recipient this award -

  • Nirbhaya “fearless” victim of Delhi gang rape in 2013.
  • Ms. Laxmi -acid attack victim in 2014.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 7, 2015


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