Tourism Ministry Launches the Guidelines on Adventure Tourism (Important)

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Union Ministry of Tourism for 1st time issued guidelines for Adventure Tourism in India in effort to make adventure sports safer. In past few years, adventure tourism has grown rapidly India.

Tourist Inputs
  • It has been playing vital role in economic growth of country as well as attracting large number of travellers from across globe to country.
  • Aim is to help adventure tour operators understand & execute safety guidelines in better manner.

Highlights of New Policy on Adventure Tourism

Activities of Adventure Tourism
  • In effort to make adventure sports safer, set of guidelines list out basic min. standards required for adventure tourism activities in India.
  • Adventure tourism has grown rapidly over past few years playing vital role in economic growth of India as well as attracting large number of travellers from across globe to country.
  • Guidelines cover land, air & water-based activities which include mountaineering, trekking, bunjee jumping, paragliding, kayaking, scuba diving, snokeling, river rafting & many other sports.
  • Guidelines are framed for 15 Land Based, 7 Air Based & 7 Water Based activities.
  • Information covers some major areas such as role of guide, imp. equipment required, inspections & maintenance process, operating instructions, risk mitigation, medical safety etc.
  • Detailed guidelines educates tour operators & other concerned agencies about imp. safety requirements & lesser-known dangers.
  • In order to put strong foothold in field of adventure sports, better safety measures are mandatory. It is imperative that all adventure tourism stakeholders provide for better vigilance & strict adherence to these guidelines.

What is Adventure Tourism?

  • Adventure travel is a type of niche tourism, involving exploration or travel with a certain degree of risk, and which may require special skills and physical exertion.
Adventure Tourism

Ministry of Tourism

  • Ministry of Tourism is nodal agency for formulation of national policies & programmes & for co-ordination of activities of various Central Govt. Agencies, State Govt. /UTs & Private Sector for development & promotion of tourism in country.
  • Ministry headed by Union Minister of State for Tourism.
  • Ministry of Tourism has under its charge public sector undertaking, India Tourism Development Corporation & following autonomous institutions

Adventure Tour Operators՚ Association of India (ATOAI)

  • It was founded in 1994 w/handful of members.
  • 20 years after its nascence, it is national body comprising over 200 members across country & abroad actively promoting Adventure & Eco Tourism in India.
  • Association was founded w/aim to create awareness abput immense potential for adventure tourism in India & to harness this potential in safe, sensitive & environment friendly manner.
  • ATOAI members are recognised by Ministry of Tourism, GoI.
  • ATOAI was conceptualized by 7 dynamic founder members from adventure travel trade, who envisioned ATOAI to be strong support group that led to both group & individual profits by establishing adventures as one of main tourism attractions to India.
  • W/her natural topography of towering mountains, steep cliffs & dizzying heights on one hand & swiftly flowing currents, cascading rapids & fierce swells on other - India is natural paradise for discerning traveller.
  • ATOAI is founded to promote adventure tourism in India & to create awareness overseas about potential of adventure tourism in India.
  • All income of Association shall be utilized towards promotion of aims & objectives of ATOAI.

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