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As per the railway Minister of India during the Question Hour Session of the Rajya Sabha the Indian Railways is conducting TRI-NETRA for detecting obstructions of track. The previous technologies developed first of all in 2002 - 03 could not prove to be successful in detecting the track obstructions.

The new technology has been developed keeping in mind the foggy conditions that is one of the main reasons for train accidents thereby causing massive damages to the Indian Railways.

This image show in Tri-Netra Technology

This Image Show in Tri-Netra Technology

This image show in Tri-Netra Technology

TRI-NETRA Overview

  • TRI-NETRA is abbreviation for Terrain Imaging for Drivers Infrared, Enhanced, Optical & Radar Assisted system.

  • It comprises of infrared camera, optical camera and radar assisted imaging system for assisting loco pilots in identifying obstructions on tracks, mainly during foggy conditions.

  • This device is making an attempt during fog via ultrasonic waves by help of which it will be able to detect any obstruction on tracks.

  • Indian Railways is conducting extensive trials of Tri-Netra technology so as to be sure that it is perfect in detecting any obstruction on tracks during fog

  • Without proper testing it cannot be implemented as it does not give them enough confidence to implement this technology.

  • The field trials being undertaken as a proof of the developed technology and its testing on all parameters will be done once it is procured.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 25, 2019

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