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The Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) entered into a Tripartite Agreement with French National Railways (SNCF) & AFD, a French development Agency to support Railway Station Development Program in India. ISRDC was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on 12 April 2012.

AFD refers to French Development Agency or a French International Development Agency.

This is image Indian Railway Station Development Corporation

This is Image Indian Railway Station Development Corporation

This is image Indian Railway Station Development Corporation

Background & Overview of the Agreement

  • India and France have a strong, prosperous and long-standing partnership in Railway sector.

  • The past association between French National Railways (SNCF) with Indian Railways includes conducting station development of Ludhiana and Ambala Railway stations and undertaking speed up gradation study to enable 200 kmph speed run on 245 km long Delhi-Chandigarh corridor, one of busiest routes in northern India.

  • AFD has agreed to support capacity building for the railway station development program in India by providing in-kind grant financing up to 7,00,000 EURO, through French National Railways (SNCF) -Hubs as well as Connexions as a Technical Partner to the corporation.

  • This will not impose any financial liability on Indian Railways or IRSDC.

  • The agreement will help Indian Railways in positioning stations across the country as world-class transport hubs.

Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation (IRSDC)

  • IRSDC is responsible for developing and redeveloping the existing and new railway stations across India.

  • It is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the Ministry of Railway that has been designed to develop new stations and redevelop existing Indian railway stations.

  • IRSDC is a joint venture between Indian Railway Construction Company Limited (IRCON) and Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA).

  • The core purpose of IRSDC is to build world-class railway stations that apply state of the art sustainable technologies.

  • The redevelopment effort is being administered as a PPPP project, i. e. a Public Private Partnership People project.

  • The primary facets are the involvement of developers and the lease of surplus railway land. Thus, monetizing existing assets without stressing the budgetary resources of the nation.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 25, 2019

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