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GoI has taken several steps while meeting demand of natural gas & reduce dependence on imports in country to enhance domestic natural gas production thru some policy initiatives. As per British Petroleum (BP) Energy Outlook 2018, India’s natural gas consumption will rise & triple by 2040.

Chart of Tripling Gas Demand

Chart of Tripling Gas Demand

Chart of Tripling Gas Demand

  • Projected energy consumption will reach 1921 MTOE by 2040 as largest growth market for global energy by 2040.

Demand Changes by 2040

  • Traditional centres of demand are being overtaken by fast-growing emerging markets.

  • Energy mix is shifting, driven by technological improvements & environmental concerns.

  • While non-fossil fuels are expected to account for half growth in energy supplies over next 20 years, outlook projects that oil & gas, together w/coal, will remain main source of energy powering world economy, accounting for more than 75 % of total energy supply in 2035, compared w/86 % in 2015.

  • Gas grows more quickly than oil & coal over outlook, w/demand growing average 1.6%/year.

  • Its share of primary energy overtakes coal to be 2nd largest fuel source by 2035.

Image of domestic gas production and imports (bcm)

Image of Domestic Gas Production and Imports (bcm)

Image of domestic gas production and imports (bcm)

Steps for Enhancing Production of Gas

GoI has taken several measures to enhance production of gas:

  • Marginal Field Policy - Discovered Small Field Policy

  • Uniform Licensing Policy-Hydrocarbon Exploration & Licensing Policy

  • Policy for Grant of Extension to small & medium sized discovered fields

  • Policy for Marketing & Pricing freedom for Coal Bed Methane (CBM).

  • Government has granted marketing, including pricing, freedom for gas produced from difficult areas.

  • Marketing freedom is provided under Discovered Small Field budding rounds as well as under Hydrocarbon Exploration & Licensing Policy (HELP).

- Published/Last Modified on: July 10, 2018


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