Tunisia’s Parliament approves New Anti-terror Law


About Tunisia’s Parliament: Tunisia’s Parliament has approved a new anti-terror law, which finds to counter the threat posed by Islamic militants. The law was approved awesomely by 174 members of parliament with ten nonparticipations and no votes against the bill. Under the new anti-terror law:

  • Those imprisoned of terrorism in Tunisia will face the death penalty
  • Those in support of terrorism will be dispensed with strict punishment including jailable crime.
  • Give government authorities powers to tap suspects’ phones for investigational purpose to prevent terrorizations and terrorist attacks.
  • Allows government authorities to detain suspects for 15 days without access to a lawyer or appearance before a judge.

Tunisia’s this decision of approval of new law stated after a gunman of jihadist terrorist Organisation Islamic State (IS) had killed 38 people in June 2015 at a tourist beach in Sousse and after the March attack at the Bardo museum in located at Tunis (Tunisia’s Capital) which killed 21 tourists mostly Britishers.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 29, 2015