Two bills on Reservation passed by Rajasthan Government


About the two bills: The first bill is Rajasthan Special Backward Classes Reservation Bill, 2015 which provides 5 % reservation to 5 communities in government services and educational institutions. The 5 communities under this bill are Banjara / Labana / Baldiya, Gujar / Gurjar, Gadiya / Gadoliya / Lohar, Gadariya / Gayari / Gadri and Raika / Rebari / Debasi.

  • The second bill is Rajasthan Economically Backward Classes Reservation Bill, 2015 which provides 14 % reservation to unreserved category.

About the benefits of passing these bills:

  • By passing these bills Rajasthan tops over 50 % reservation limit set down by Supreme Court.
  • By this the government cannot change the reservation quota of Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Other Backward Class (OBCs).
  • Currently Rajasthan has quotas of 49.5 % including 15 % for SCs, 7.5 % for STs and 27 % for OBCs.
  • This decision will provide reservation in educational institutions and government jobs to the Economically Backward classes (EBC) and Special Backward classes (SBC) including Gujjars.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 23, 2015