Typhoon Nida Hits Hong Kong and Southern China (Download PDF)

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In Philippines Typhoon Nida are known as Cariana. Typhoon Nida hit Hong Kong with high winds and heavy rain, forcing schools, businesses and transport services to shut. In Hong Kong, many financial hub shutting down and also disturbing the flights because of Typhoon Nida.

Typhoon Nida Hit Hong Kong
  • Typhoon led to cancellation more than 180 flights at the Hong Kong international Airport.
  • Trading in Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) , including Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect trading and derivatives market are also rest of the day.
  • This Winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour (90 miles) per hour.
  • The southern cities of Zhuhai and Shanwei in transport, industry and public services area in also on red alert.
  • it՚s also impact of many cities of china and State Oceanic Administration (SOA) also issued a red alert for ocean waves and storm tides.
  • The waves up to 11 meters high could be expected.

About Typhoon Nida:

  • A Pacific Typhoon season name is Nida and lead
  • Typhoon Nida used for tropical cyclones three areas in western, North Pacific Ocean.
  • Typhoon Nida (2004) : it՚s impacted in the southwest area of the Philippines and east of Japan.
  • Typhoon Nida (2009) : it՚s impacted in the southeast area of the Gaum. It reached peak winds of 300 km/h.
  • Typhoon Nida (2016) : it՚s impacted in theHong Kong and south china as a minimum Typhoon.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 3, 2016


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