Up Government Earned Place in Guinness Book for Clean up, Green up Initiative

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Uttar Pradesh government has earned the place in Guinness Book of World Records for ambitious Clean UP, Green UP initiative. 10 lakh seedlings (tree) were planted in one day within a period of eight hours on November 7,2015 at 10 locations in the state under state government՚s green drive initiative.

  • This new record has crack the earlier record for plantation of maximum number of tree that was 8 lakh 50 thousand trees in a single day.
  • Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has received the certificate for UP Government՚s record - setting performance and award at the function held in Saifai in Etawah district was awarded to.
  • At Maudaha dam in Hamirpur district Chief Minister himself had planted peepal plant on the eve of state government՚s ‘Clean UP, Green UP’ initiative.
  • The initiative was possible to execute through coordinated efforts of state forest, irrigation departments along with Noida and Greater Noida Authority.
  • In this initiative huge number peoples are involved apart from CM, large number of women, teachers, students, armymen, villagers and others had planted sapling of sheesham, pakar, neem, kanji, imli, aonla, bargad, arjun, chilbil and peepal at different pre - decided spots across state.

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