US Scientists find a method to take CO2 from Air and make Carbon nanofibres


About CO 2 in Air: CO2 is known as Carbon dioxide. It is a type of gas in Earth’s atmosphere. It is currently founding about 0.04 % of the atmosphere. Plants and photoautotrophs use solar energy to produce carbohydrate from atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  • Global warming is caused because of higher increasing of industries that emits CO2 into Earth’s atmosphere.

About the method of taking CO2 from air:

  • Scientists from United States have discovered a way to take carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into manufacturing material carbon nanofibres.
  • The method was discovered by the team of researchers who are led by George Washington University’s Professor Stuart Licht.
  • They make a solar - powered system which runs on few volts of electricity.
  • When electricity is passed through a tank filled with a hot, molten salt then the atmospheric CO2 is absorbed by the fluid in the tank.
  • This absorbed CO2 is converted into tiny Carbon Nanofibres which are slowly placed on one of the electrodes of the system.
  • The small lab model of this system produces near about 10 grams of nanofibres in an hour.

About Carbon Nanofibres:

  • Carbon Nanofibres is cylindrical nanostructures with graphene layers arranged as fixed cones, cups or plates structure.
  • Graphene is an atomic - scale honeycomb framework which is made by carbon atoms.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 21, 2015