Union Cabinet agrees National Offshore Wind Energy Policy


About National Offshore Wind Energy: Offshore wind power is the construction of wind farms in water forms to generate electricity from wind. On offshore, there is stronger wind speeds are available rather than on land.

  • So electricity supplied is higher by offshore wind power.
  • Offshore wind power includes coastal water areas such as lakes, natural ports and protected sea areas using old fixed - bottom wind turbine technologies and deep - water areas using moving wind turbines.

About agreement to NOWE Policy:

  • Union Cabinet agreed National Offshore Wind Energy Policy.
  • This policy allows generating electricity from offshore windmills which are in Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) areas of the country.
  • Under this policy, offshore wind power projects and R&D activities will be agreed in waters up to the seaward distance of 200 Naval Miles from the base line.
  • The policy will provide a non - biased live field to all national and international investors.
  • This policy will cover the way for offshore wind power projects along the 7600 km long Indian shoreline.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 10, 2015