Union Government Constitutes Expert Panel for Assessment of Specific Relief Act, 1963 [ Current News (Concise) ]


About constitution of expert panel: The Legislative Department of Union Law Ministry has established an expert committee to review the Specific Relief Act, 1963. This constitution includes chairman and 5 members.

  • It will submit its report within three months that means till April 2016.

About the responsibility of the committee:

  • The committee has been responsible to observe the Act of the situation of present scenario including many issues and various provisions.
  • The present scenario issues primarily include contract based organization development, public and private businesses and other public projects like enforceability of the contracts and huge investments.
  • The review of the Act will guarantee about ease of doing business as it has been not modified since its initiation.

About Specific Relief Act, 1963:

  • It is an Act of Parliament of India and large number of remedial aspects of law.
  • It came into force in the replacement of the earlier Act of 1877.
  • Specific relief is only provided for the violation of a legal right.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 1, 2016