Union Government Constitutes Committee Headed by Vijay Kelkar to Revisit PPP Infra Model

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Union government of India appointed Vijay Kelkar who headed a 10-member committee to review and revitalise public private partnership (PPP) mode of infrastructure development which appointed by the Union government. C. S. Rajan, Dr. Shekhar Shah, S. B. Nayar, Pradeep Kumar, Vikram Limaye, Sudipto Sarkar, P. S. Behuria, Sharmila Chavaly are 10 Members of Committee which representative of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. Vijay Kelkar submits a report within a period of 3 months from the date of its Constitution.

  • Purpose of this committee, it may consult various stake holders in the different sectors including private, government sector, legal experts, banking and financial institutions and academia for firming-up its recommendations.
  • Propose design modifications to the contractual arrangements of the PPP based on best international practices and in correspondence with our institutional context.
  • Vijay Kelkar ′ s committee will suggest optimal risk sharing mechanism by analyzing risks involved in PPP projects in different sectors and review of the experience of PPP Policy.
  • This committee will also look into existing framework of sharing of such risks between the Government and project developer and include the variations in contents of contracts and difficulties experienced with particular conditions.

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