Untold Labour of Care and Migrants Are the New Untouchables

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Untold Labour of Care

  • Nursing ethics highlights the “caring” role of nurses as relational and context-specific interventions that stresses upon affective bonds as against medical approaches.
  • Traditional nursing ethics can be hardly termed as feminist deploying gender oppressive norms and stereotypes.
  • Nursing is promoted as secondary to other forms of medical interventions.
  • Classification of Nursing:
    • Poses a problem given the multiple tasks.
    • These multiple tasks range from unskilled domestic work to highly specialized medical tasks.


  • A term often used by researchers.
  • Understanding the contemporary labour market.
  • Contemporary labour market is characterized by the spread of contingent work and insecure employment.
  • Apart from economic marginalization of nurses, lack of job security, less than minimum wages, little access to mechanisms of collective bargaining and no social security along with diminishing social and political networks have further made the lives vulnerable and unviable.

Migrants Are the New Untouchables

  • Pandemics in the past have demonstrated that inequality widens during such crises.
  • The share of income going to the top two dociles is 46 % on an average.
  • The share going to the bottom two dociles is only 6 %-a gap of 40 % points.
  • It has been observed that after 5 years of a pandemic the inequality gap in distribution of income has increased by 2.5 % points.
  • The poorer one gets, the more is the dependence on others.
  • Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has become the highest order of economic punishment and hence those living on the margins will sadly fall first.
  • The migrant workers have been barred from their own homes.

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