US-2 Amphibious Aircraft Will Be Setup by Japan in India


Under ‘Make in India’ initiative to cater to international demands ShinMaywa Industries of japan is planning to establish US-2 amphibious aircraft in India. And under this Indian Navy is planning to secure 6 such aircrafts between 2017 and 2022 by signing a government to government deal i. e. initial purchase being off the shelf.

Key facts:

  • With 30 % offset clause US-2 amphibious aircraft’s deal for purchasing is done between two governments.
  • And according to this clause ShinMaywa will establish manufacturing plant in India to satisfy the global market since the demand for the aircraft is high.
  • After the pacifist country had lifted its decades-long self-imposed embargo on export of weapons, these aircrafts would be the first major export of Japanese defence item and India its first importer if the deal is goes through.

US-2 amphibious aircraft:

  • It has long-range civilian and military applications.
  • It has ability of land on choppy waters.
  • Indian Navy is looking for to purchase it for monitor India’s vast coastline, islands.
  • And also to use it as disaster relief

- Published/Last Modified on: February 2, 2016