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Uttar Pradesh has topped the list of child labour with 2,50,672 children involved in labour work according to the recently released CRY Report which also claimed that more than 8 lakh children of India with age group between 5 and 6 years are engaged in child labour.

  • Child Rights and You (CRY) NGO is working in the direction of save these children from labour and help them in making their future.
  • Child Rights and You were founded in 1979 by Rippan Kapur.

Key Facts:

  • Approximately 5 lakh children in India are not attend school according to the report and the main reason behind it is most of them are involved child labour.
  • After Uttar Pradesh, Bihar is at second spot in the list of Highest child labour index with 1,28,087 children involved in labour activates and Maharashtra is at third with 82,847 children.
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Created with Highcharts 5.0. 12StatesNumber of ChildrenChild Labourer Ratio250 672250 672128 087128 08782 84782 847Approximately Children RatioUPBiharMaharashtra0100k200k300kUPApproximately Children Ratio: 250 672
  • According to the report high level of poverty and unemployment and lack of sufficient social security net are the main factors that resulted high ratio of child labour.
  • Most of the children out of them have to travel with their parents and also have to join family occupations for example in brick kilns.
  • The Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) gone through by many limitations and only cover 50 % of the child labourers.
  • From 2001 - 11, the working children ratio of 10 - 14 year age group is reduced by 30 % but 37 % increased in the age group of 5 - 9 years.

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)

  • ICDS is a centrally sponsored scheme of states/UTs, which was launched on 2nd October 1975.
  • objectives:

    • Improve the nutritional and health status of children in the age-group 0 - 6 years
    • reduce mortality, morbidity, malnutrition and school dropout
    • Promote policy coordination and implementation for promoting child development
    • Lay an adequate foundation for the psychological, physical and social well-being of the children
  • Following services are offered under this scheme for children below 6 year age and pregnant ladies:

    • Supplementary nutrition
    • Pre-school non-formal education
    • nutrition and health education, immunization, health check-ups
    • Referral services through Anganwadi Centres

- Published/Last Modified on: June 21, 2017

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