Vaccination Plan (DTE 1 - 15 January 2021)

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Vaccination Plan

Vaccination Plan


  • In the first round of vaccines, mohfw plans to cover a third of India՚s 900 million adult population; children will not be covered as pediatric vaccine is yet to be developed. Some 1 million of the targeted population will be healthcare workers, 20 million frontline workers, such as the police, paramilitary and municipal workers, and 270 million will be those above the age of 50 or above.
  • UK plans to vaccinate 20 million population initially.
  • Pfizer vaccine is made is Belgium and procurement issues for UK after Brexit
  • Government is depending on the existing cold storage infrastructure — 85,634 functional cold storage equipment and 28,947 cold chain points.
  • It plans to employ 154,000 of the 239,000 auxiliary nurse midwives. India plans to spend $ 1.4 - 1.8 billion on the first phase of the vaccination programme.
  • The government has announced that 1 million healthcare workers would be vaccinated first. The problem is that the country has more than 6 million healthcare workers, according to the National Health Profile, 2019. This means only 1 in 6 healthcare workers would get vaccinated initially. This mismatch of demand and supply becomes clear from the fact that just two states — Punjab and Delhi — have identified more than 0.3 million health workers they want to vaccinate. This leaves precious few vaccines available for the rest of the country.
  • For universal immunization, the world would need 2 doses of vaccines for 7.8 billion people. But the rich countries have already ordered a bulk of the vaccines to be manufactured in 2021.
  • Covishield (chimpanzee adenovirus platform) SII + AstraZeneca Phase Applied for EUA
  • Covaxin (inactivated virus) Bharat biotech + ICMR Phase 3 Applied for EUA
  • ZyCoV-D (DNA vaccine) Cadilla healthcare + dept of biotechnology Phase 2
  • Sputnik V (human adenovirus vaccine) Dr. Reddy՚s Lab + Gamaleya National Centre phase 3 about to begin
  • NVX-CoV-2373 (protein subunit) SII + Novavax phase 3 under consideration
  • COVID-19 vaccine (recombinant protein antigen-based vaccine) Biological E Phase 1 and 2
  • HGCO 19 (mRNA-based vaccine) Gennova + HDT USA phase 1 and 2 human trials approved
  • Codagenix is using a novel technology called codon deoptimization to make live attenuated covid-19 vaccines.
  • Our current capacity to deliver vaccines is about 18 million doses per year. At this capacity, 800 million people (or 1.6 billion doses) will take 89 years!

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