Vikalp scheme launched by Indian railways


Indian Railways has launched Vikalp scheme to simplify waitlisted passengers to get substitute train housing. The scheme has been launched on pilot basis in trains running on Delhi - Lucknow and Delhi - Jammu sectors for 6 months.

  • These options will be limited to Mail and Express trains.
  • Indian Railways aim to achieve the twin objectives.
  • It aims at providing established accommodation to waitlisted passengers.
  • Confirm optimum utilization of available accommodation for these passengers.

Key features:

  • Waitlisted passengers will get complete accommodation in next substitute train if they opt for it while booking their tickets online.
  • Once they choose for it passengers will get SMS alert on their mobile phone.
  • They will get confirmation about accommodation in alternative train.
  • No extra charges will be paid passenger to benefit this scheme or any refund provided for the difference of fare.
  • In the alternative train, the name of passenger who has been provided accommodation will not number in the waitlisted charts of their original train.
  • A separate list of passengers moved in alternative train will be pasted along with the confirmed and waitlist charts.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 3, 2015