Vishnu Prasad and Akhil Rabindra Get Honours in Racing (Download PDF)

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About Vishnu Prasad: Vishnu Prasad is from Chennai and he gave his first choice ti kart track when he was six years old. He got 3rd place in Danny՚s karting championship, the MAI MRF Cadet championship and MAI MRF Mondiale championship in year 2000.

Vishnu Prasad
  • In 2004 to 2007 he achieved six championship titles.
  • Vishnu was awarded the Most Promising Motorsport Personality of the Year Award by the FMSCI after winning the JK FB02 (Formula BMW) Championship and the Senior Category of the National Karting Championship in 2013.
  • Currently he is racing in formula BMW, Formula LGB F4, National Rotax Karting Championship.

About Akhil Rabindra:

Akhil Rabindra
  • Akhil Rabindra is an Indian race driver.
  • He is currently racing in the BRDC Formula 4 Championship in the UK.
  • He is first Indian driver to be selected to join the FIA Young Driver Excellence Academy.
  • In 2013, JK Tyre gave him a scholarship to race in the Formula FB02.
  • He also got support from Toyota in the Toyota Etios Racing in India in 2013 and Sri Lanka and for the Toyota Vios Cup in Thailand.
  • He was nominated by the FMSCI to represent India for the FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy Selection.
  • In 2014, Akhil went to the international circuit with the Formula Masters China Series (FMCS) .

About their achievements:

  • Vishnu Prasad from Chennai and Akhil Rabindra from Bengaluru won a race in the JK Racing India Series FB02 class of the 18th JK Tyre Racing Championship.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 11, 2015

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