Visit of prime minister Narendra Modi to USA(Sept-26-30,2014)


“India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visits America: Washington Should Recognize another Emerging Great Power”: On May 26 Narendra Modi became prime minister of India. With Modi at its helm the BJP recently handed the Congress Party the greatest defeat ever.

Indian PM Narendra Modi at USA with Barack Obama

Indian PM Narendra Modi at USA with Barack Obama

Visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to USA

  • He is visiting the U. S. to speak before the United Nations and meet with President Barack Obama. The trip could yield rich benefits for both countries.
  • The prime minister’s visit to America offers an opportunity for a reset our relations in better way.
  • India, which, based on purchasing power equality, traces only America and China economically, so far performs far below its potential. India’s per capita income ranges between 120 and 140, depending on rating, in the world.
  • Modi naturally hopes to expand his nation’s profit - making ties throughout Asia, which increasingly is the world’s economic center of gravity.
  • But America remains the most important single market with the largest (depending on measure), most sophisticated, and wealthiest economy.
  • Almost positively economic development will remain Modi’s first priority, despite a disappointing, largely improvement free budget.
  • However, Modi faced disillusioned support on its US visit.
  • Prime Minister Modi also visited Tokyo, strengthening ties with another wealthy industrialized state as well.
  • The greatest prize for Modi would be the U. S. Former Indian diplomat.
  • T. P. Srinivasan argued that economics will cause New Delhi to view America of “primary interest. “
  • Earlier this year Modi declared that “The oldest democracy in the world and the largest democracy in the world are natural allies. “
  • In an interview the prime minister cited the recent improvement in bilateral relations and explained: “Our ties have deepened.
  • India and the United States of America are bound together, by history and by culture. These ties will deepen further. “
  • The rather unplanned decision by the American President Barrack Obama to accompany Modi to the Martin Luther King Jr memorial to pay homage throws abundant light on the success of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United States.

Outcomes of Modi’s visit to US:

  • Enable the actions necessary to increase the mutual trade that has increased fivefold since 2001 to nearly $100 billion, by another fivefold.
  • A new partnership to advance the Prime Minister’s goal of improved access to clean water and sanitation for all.
  • Support the Prime Minister’s 500 Cities National Urban Development Mission and Clean India Campaign.
  • And many more for the flourishing of advanced society as well as India.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 6, 2015