What are Adverse Effects of Illegal Mining? Steps to Curb Illegal Mining and Theft in Coal Mines (Download PDF)


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Steps to Curb Illegal Mining of Coal - 1. Dozing off and filling up of rat holes with stone and debris wherever possible. 2. Digging trenches to isolate illegal mining sites. 3. Erecting concrete walls on mouth of abandoned mines

Image of Threats to the Western Ghats

Image of Threats to the Western Ghats

Image of Threats to the Western Ghats

4. Fencing of illegal mining sites and displaying sign-boards.

5. Dumping of overburden on outcrop zones.

6. Conducting regular and surprise raids checks- jointly by security personnel and law and order authorities of State Governments.

7. Collecting intelligence reports about illegal coal depots and illegal movement of coal and informing District Authorities for preventive action.

8. Installation of check posts at vulnerable points to check transport documents

9. Coal companies seek help from time to time from the state authorities to control it.

Steps to Check Theft of Coal

  • Installing Radio-Frequency Identification Device (RFID) based boom barriers and CCTV cameras at weighbridges, GPRS based vehicle tracking system with geofencing, CCTV camera at strategic locations of all mines.

  • Lodging of regular FIRs by the Colliery Management and CISF with local Police stations and keeping closer watch criminals.

  • Interacting with district officials, DC & other district administrative officials.

  • Issuing of challans for coal transportation by trucks outside the district after fixing hologram and signatures of authorized CISF officials.

  • Deploying armed guards at Railway sidings.

  • Escorting of coal rakes with RPF upto weighbridge in pilferage prone areas.

  • Conducting surprise re-weighment of coal loaded trucks at weighbridges.

  • Surprise raids by flying squads of CISF.

  • Patrolling in and around the mines and OB dumps.

  • Physically checking coal laden vehicles at checkposts.

  • Strengthening security at coal dumps by fencing, proper illumination and round the clock guarding.

What Are the Reasons for Illegal Coal Mining?

  • Poverty and large-scale rural unemployment.

  • Organized marketing network controlled by coal mafias/influential person.

  • Old, abandoned, unused, closed coalmines are easily available.

  • Geographically scattered and isolated peripheral patches of coal deposits.

  • Negligence of state government.

  • Inadequate infrastructure of law enforcement agencies.

What Are Adverse Effects of Illegal Mining? (Important)

  • Impact on the conservation of precious fossil fuel.

  • Accidents and loss of life to persons engaged in illegal mining.

  • Loss of revenue earnings (royalty) for the Government.

  • Resulting unsafe conditions in adjoining working mines.

  • Environmental degradation

  • Water flooding

  • Poisonous gas leaking,

  • Corruption leading to law and order problems.

  • Unaccounted assets and or black money.

Constraints in Checking Theft, Illegal Mining and Mafia Activities

  • The State administration lacks adequate infrastructure and modernization.

  • Boundary walls and barbed fencing put around the coal stock depot are often removed or breached by the miscreants.

  • Due to poverty, unemployed villagers living in the coal field areas go for theft of coal and illegal mining as an easy option of livelihood- difficult to disperse mob endeavor in such cases.

  • Illegal mining is organized by mafia.

  • Lack of sufficient cooperation and prompt response from state police.

  • Lack of will of management personnel to resist organized illegal activities.

What is Illegal Mining?

  • Illegal mining is mining activity without state permission, in particular in absence of land rights, mining license, exploration or mineral transportation permit.
  • Illegal mining as it is largely unregulated puts server negative impact on the environment including erosion, formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil, groundwater and surface water.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 13, 2018

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