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National Charkha Museum was inaugurated on 21st May, 2017. Located at Cannaught place in Delhi. Museum depicts history & evolution of Charkha, shows symbol of Nationalism, freedom movement by weaving Swadeshi cloth.

Image of National Charkha Museum

Image of National Charkha Museum

Image of National Charkha Museum

  • Museum is window to great heritage of Indian Charkha.

  • Museum demonstrates journey from ‘kapaas’ to yarn to khadi cloth.

  • Charkha is made of high quality stainless steel & installed over open platform area of 9 meter long & 6 meter wide.

  • Built in such way to withstand all weather conditions.

  • Charkha is a symbol of Nationalism.

Ticket to Charkha Museum

Khadi Soot Mala is given free to every person who visit National Charkha Museum, new Delhi.

  • Entry fee of Museum provides support to families besides women inmates of Tihar Jail who make khadi soot mala.

  • For welfare of economically backward artisanal families, tickets are sold into a Trust.

  • Khadi Soot mala is made of wasted material drawn from KVIC’s Central Silver Plant & final product made by women in Delhi.

  • Socio-economic perspective behind soot malas has brought positive changes in lives of artisans.

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