What is Common to ‘Seekho Aur Kamao’ , USTTAD, Nai Manzil, and Gareeb Nawaz- Skill Development?

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The Ministry had launched following special schemes for skill development of youth belonging to minority communities: Seekho aur Kamao (Learn & Earn) - This is a placement linked skill development scheme for minorities aiming to upgrade the skills of minority youth in various modern/traditional skills depending upon their

Ensuring Empowerment
  • Qualification
  • Present economic trends
  • Market potential
  • The scheme ensures placements of minimum 75 % trainees, out of which at least 50 % placement is in organized sector.
  • The scheme is implemented through selected Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) all over the country including Kerala.
  • In last 3 years, 1700 number of minority youths from the State of Kerala have been trained by PIAs.

Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts for Development (USTTAD)

Scheme has been launched on 14th May 2015 with following objectives

  • to preserve the rich heritage of traditional arts/crafts of minorities
  • capacity building and updating the traditional skills of master craftsmen/artisans
  • documentation of identified traditional arts/crafts of minorities
  • set standards for traditional skills
  • training of minority youths in various identified traditional arts/crafts through master craftsmen
  • Develop national and international market linkages.
  • Until now, no youth in Kerala has been trained under this scheme.

Nai Manzil

  • Scheme has been launched on 8th August, 2015
  • It aims to benefit the minority youth who do not have a formal school leaving certificate
  • This scheme is mainly to provide the youth with formal education and skills, and enable them to seek better employment in the organized sector and thus to equip them for better lives.
  • Till date no minority youths from the State of Kerala have been trained under the scheme ″ .

    Gareeb Nawaz Skill Development

  • Skill development centers in 100 districts of the country to offer employment-oriented training to the youth from minority communities.
  • The centers provide short-term job oriented skill development courses.
  • The courses for short term job oriented skill development include
  • Mobile repairing
  • Motor driving
  • House keeping
  • Computer hardware and networking
  • Retail management programme
  • Security guard training
  • Program in BFSI sector

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