What is Disaster Risk Reduction?Prime Minister’S 10 Point Agenda on (DRR) - (Important) (Download PDF)

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With Asia-Pacific emerging as a global leader in disaster risk management there is need for improvements in early warning of cyclones and other natural disasters through the 10-point agenda for disaster risk reduction:

Image of Disaster Risk Reduction

Image of Disaster Risk Reduction

Image of Disaster Risk Reduction

  • All development sectors must imbibe the principles of disaster risk management.

  • Work towards risk coverage for all, starting from poor households to SMEs to multi-national corporations to nation states.

  • Encourage greater involvement and leadership of women in disaster risk management.

  • Invest in risk mapping globally. For mapping risks related to hazards like earthquakes, we have accepted standards and parameters.

  • Leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of our disaster risk management efforts.

  • Develop a network of universities to work on disaster issues.

  • Utilize the opportunities provided by social media and mobile technologies.

  • Build on local capacity and initiative.

  • Opportunities to learn from a disaster must not be wasted. After every disaster, lessons are rarely applied.

  • Bring about greater cohesion in international response to disasters.

What is Disaster Risk Reduction DRR?

There is no such thing as a ‘natural’ disaster, only natural hazards.

  • Reduces damage by natural hazards like earthquakes, floods, droughts, and cyclones, through an prevention that is, by making the right choices.

  • Reduces risks from disaster by analyzing and removing their causes by:

    • Reducing exposure to hazards

    • Lessening vulnerability of people and property

    • Wise management of land and the environment

    • Improving preparedness and early warning

    • Includes disciplines like disaster management, disaster mitigation and disaster preparedness

  • Is key to sustainable development that is sustainable development must never increase risk- it must reduce disaster risk.

  • Involves society, government, and professional and private sector enganged in shaping the world around us.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 9, 2017

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