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E-Pashuhaat Portal is playing an important role in connecting farmers & breeders to trade in disease-free germplasm; an app is being created & integrated w/UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance). Embryo Transfer Technology gives better exploitation of female germplasm to produce more number of high yielding progenies in their lifespan.

Image of e-pashuhaat portal

Image of E-pashuhaat Portal

Image of e-pashuhaat portal

E-Pashuhaat Portal

  • This portal will act as a single online e-trading market platform, including availability of bovine germplasm. It will enable the farmers to buy bovine animals, frozen semen, & embryo.

  • The Union Agriculture & Farmers Welfare launched e-pashuhaat portal to connect farmers & breeders of bovine animals.

  • Farmers can get UMANG app on their mobile phone from Google Play store & Apple App store. They can now discover the availability of disease-free germplasm services w/in 100KM radius of their location.

Features of E-Pashuhaat Portal

  • E-pashuhaat portal will connect farmers w/breeders- State, Central, Co-operative, Milk Federations, & private agencies.

  • Provides information related to certification of the animal, breeding, its picture, volume of milk given by the cow etc.

  • Facilitates farmers to purchase advanced breed of bovine animals at a reasonable price as per as their requirements.

  • Provides, certified picture of animals, its parents information, breeding, volume of milk given by bovine animal information.

  • Besides, it will provide information related to animal fodder varieties, its volume, & price. It will have real time authentic certified information on availability of germplasm.

  • Establishes links between ‘farmer to farmer’ & ‘farmer to institutes’. Thus, it minimises the involvement of intermediaries.

  • Creates a comparative Farm Network that will facilitate farmers to exchange local knowledge & resources.

Embryo Transfer Technology

  • It gives better exploitation of female germplasm to produce more number of high yielding progenies in their lifespan.

  • ET technology offers earlier selection of bulls than the conservative PT programme using AI Technology. Therefore, it is decided to propagate enriched germplasm of Gir (Saurashtra, Gujarat) cows & Banni (Kutch, Gujarat) as well as Jaffarabadi (Gujarat- India, Pakistan) buffaloes at a faster rate by using Embryo Transfer Technology,

  • The second most efficient reproductive technique accepted by scientific community followed by AI for breed improvement & enhancement of productivity of livestock.

  • 20 Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT) centres are being established in the country & proposal of 19 centres have been approved so far.

  • These centres are producing 3000 high genetic merit bulls of indigenous bovine breeds

Image of bulls of indigenous bovine breeds

Image of Bulls of Indigenous Bovine Breeds

Image of bulls of indigenous bovine breeds

About ETT

Embryo transfer is a technique by which embryos are collected from a donor female & are transferred to recipient females, which serve as surrogate mothers for the remainder of pregnancy. Embryo transfer techniques have been applied to nearly every species of domestic animal & many species of wildlife & exotic animals, including humans & non-human primates.

Effectiveness of ETT

  • Embryo transfer techniques allow top quality female livestock to have a greater influence on the genetic advancement of a herd or flock in much the same way that artificial insemination has allowed greater use of superior sires.

  • A high yielding cow/buffalo produces normally 8 - 10 high yielding calves during life-W/ET technology we can get 80 - 200 calves during its lifetime. Important technology for the breeds which have threats of endangerment.

  • The general epidemiological aspects of embryo transfer indicate that the transfer of embryos provides opportunity to introduce genetic material into populations of livestock while greatly reducing risk for transmission of infectious diseases.

  • Recent developments in the sexing of embryos before transfer & implanting has great potential in the dairy & other livestock industries

Financial Provision (2018)

  • Rs. 140 lakhs Sanctioned by State Govt.

  • Rs. 200 lakhs Sanctioned by Central Govt.

  • Total Rs. 340 Lakhs

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