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India & U. S on Monday signed bilateral Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) giving militaries of both countries access to each other’s facilities for supplies & repairs.

Image of Balancing Act

Image of Balancing Act

Image of Balancing Act


  • LEMOA stands for Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA), tweaked India-specific version of Logistics Support Agreement (LSA).
  • U. S. has LEMOA w/several countries it has close military to military cooperation. It is one of 3 foundational agreements.

What Are Foundational Agreements?

3 agreements:

  • Logistics Support Agreement (LSA)

  • Communications Interoperability & Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA)

  • Basic Exchange & Cooperation Agreement for Geo-spatial Cooperation (BECA)

These 3 agreements are referred to as foundational agreements which U. S. signs w/countries w/which it has close military ties.

What is The Purpose of Foundational Agreements?

  • They are meant to build basic ground work & promote interoperability b/w militaries by creating common standards & systems.

  • They guide sale & transfer of high-end technologies.

What Does Signing LEMOA Mean?

  • LEMOA gives access, to both countries, to designated military facilities on either side for purpose of refuelling & replenishment.

  • India & U. S. hold large number of joint exercises during which payments are done each time, which is long & tedious process.

  • Under new agreement, mechanism will be instituted for book-keeping & payments & officials, who will act as nodal points of contact, will be designated on both sides.

What Areas Does Agreement Cover?

  • Agreement will cover 4 areas - port calls, joint exercises, training & Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief. Any other requirement has to be agreed upon by both sides on case-by-case basis.

Will this Mean Stationing of U. S. Troops In India?

  • This is not basing agreement. There will be no basing of U. S. troops or assets on Indian soil.
  • This is purely logistical agreement. India can access string of U. S. facilities across globe for logistical support & U. S. , which operates in big way in Asia-Pacific, will benefit from Indian facilities.

What is CISMOA?

  • CISMOA will allow US to supply India w/its propriety encrypted communications equipment & systems.

  • It will allow to secure peacetime & wartime communication b/w high-level military leaders on both sides.

  • CISMOA will extend this capability to Indian & US military assets, including aircraft & ships.

  • US has blocked sale of some of its advanced technologies & sensitive equipments to India on account of non-signing this agreement.

What is BECA?

  • BECA would facilitate exchange of geospatial information b/w India & US for both military & civilian use.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 19, 2018

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