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Ragging is damaging interaction of seniors in college or school with juniors or newcomers. Ragging involves insults, running works for seniors, & other complex activities. Anti-ragging toll free “helpline” 1800 - 180 - 5522 in 12 languages is provided with call centre facilities.

Image of Raghwan Committee on Anti-Ragging

Image of Raghwan Committee on Anti-Ragging

Image of Raghwan Committee on Anti-Ragging

  • In order to address issue of increase in ragging cases, UGC brought UGC Regulations on Curbing Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs).

Other Anti-Ragging Effors

  • UGC has developed anti-ragging website called www.antiragging.in.

  • Portal contains record of registered complaints received & status of action taken thereon.

  • Anti-ragging mobile application was launched on 29, May 2017 for filing complaint on ragging the anti-ragging help line number.

  • App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. In App UGC has uploaded few vidoes on campaign against ragging, videos on different perspective of ragging and an Anti-Ragging documentary.

  • Videos are available at the UGC Webpage, http://www.ugc.ac.in/page/Videos-Regarding-Ragging.aspx.

Mechanism of Action on Ragging Complaint

  • CBSE has informed, whenever it receives any complaint of ragging in a school affiliated to it, it takes action as per the Affiliation Byelaws and existing guidelines that are available at www.cbseaff.nic.in & www.cbse.nic.in.

Committee on Effects of Ragging

  • Ministry constituted a four member Committee of mental health and public health professionals.
  • Committee is constituted to ascertain psychological impact of ragging on students, reasons and circumstances.
  • Committee assesses and quantifies the impact of ragging and indiscipline on standard of education and recommends urgent and mandatory mental health measures to be implemented, and practiced by school, colleges, and all educational and vocational institutions.

Important recommendations of the Committee:

  • Organizing welcome and orientation programmes at the beginning of every academic session.

  • Session involves the students, installation of proper surveillance mechanism.

  • Session has a clear Standard Operating Procedure.

  • Session offers psychosocial support and counseling to victims and perpetrators.

  • Session assessing and monitoring the social climate of institutions thru regular surveys, organizing programs for fostering civic engagement and responsibility among students, etc.

Important recommendations are issued to all the Regulatory bodies and VCs of all the universities for taking urgent action.

Raghwan Committee on Anti-Ragging:

Raghavan Committee was appointed to give suggestion on how to stop Ragging. Here are some recommendations of Raghavan Committee on Anti-Ragging:

  • Ragging & as act of human right abuse

  • Guidelines of Supreme Court Judgement 2001, it is not implemented by colleges.

  • Requirement of ragging awareness to stakeholders as well as freshers.

  • Need for strong & uniform ragging law.

  • Setup of toll-free helpline

  • Strong law against ragging with responsibility

  • NCERT, SCERT school books to include chapter on ragging

  • Psychological counseling on anti-ragging and human rights at senior secondary level

  • College should organize interactive session’s b/w juniors & seniors in presence of staff.

  • Hostels must be registered with local police and management of hostels

  • Committee suggests of setting up of anti-ragging monitoring cells at diff. levels to provide checks & balances at each level.

  • Ragging should be considered an important factor in accrediting educational institution by central regulatory bodies like MCI, AICTE, DCI etc.

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