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Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) empowers world’s largest democracy, India, by providing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for various kinds of election. It has got 2 units, Control Unit (CU) & Ballot Unit (BU).

Image of Indian Electronic Voting Machine

Image of Indian Electronic Voting Machine

Image of Indian Electronic Voting Machine

  • Election Commissioner inaugurated newly set up secured manufacturing facility for EVM production at BEL’s Military communication Strategic Business Unit at its Bangalore Complex.
  • Braille EPI-Cards were distributed for 1st time in Karnataka to 4 visually impaired voters.

BELs New EVM Production Facility

  • BEL has established state-of-the-art secure manufacturing facilities for manufacture of digital certified EVM/VVPATs as per advise of Technical Experts Committee of Election Commission of India.
  • BEL’s Control Unit takes care of total control of polling, conduction of polling, display of total votes polled & declaration of results. It provides all information at press of few buttons.
  • Ballot Unit is simple voting device. It displays list of candidates. Facility to introduce Names & symbol is inbuilt. Voter has to press desired switch located near to name of each candidate.

Features of New Machines

  • Caters up to max. of 384 candidates using up to 24 Ballot Units

  • Power ON diagnostics to prevent use of defective unit in field

  • Digital Certificates for identification of genuine unit

  • Mutual authentication b/w various EVM units during Power ON

  • Provide Tamper detection

  • Inoperative on opening of covers

  • Code Verification by Stake Holders

  • Result Display only on connection of genuine unit like PADU or BU

  • Provide interface for VVPAT, Totalizer, Printer, Voter verification unit

  • Continuous Display of battery Status

  • Alpha Numeric Display

  • Real time Clock, Time Stamping, Event logging, Print facility

  • No invalid votes, Instantaneous Results

Bharat Electronics Limited

Formed – 1954

Headquarters – Bengaluru, Karnataka

Vision: To be world-class enterprise in professional electronics.

Mission: To be customer focussed, globally competitive company in defence electronics & in other chosen areas of professional electronics, thru quality, technology & innovation.


  • To generate internal resources for profitable growth.

  • To give thrust to exports.

  • To create facilitating environment for people to realise their full potential thru continuous learning & team work.

  • To give value for money to customers & create wealth for shareholders.

  • To constantly benchmark company’s performance w/best-in-class internationally.

  • To raise marketing abilities to global standards.

  • To strive for self-reliance thru indigenization.

Electronic Voting Machine

  • Machines have been used in elections since 1999.

Advantages of EVMs

  • EVMs reduce time in casting votes.

  • EVMs save paper.

  • These machines are powered by batteries & do not rely on electricity which ensures uninterrupted voting.

  • EVMs can accommodate 64 candidates in single constituency.

  • Votes can be stored for up to 10 years.

  • Program of EVMs cannot be changed & have sealed security chip, therefore votes cannot be rigged w/o damaging program. This prevents fraud.

  • EVMs restrict 5 votes for every minute.

  • NOTA was introduced recently at EVMs for voters to cast their vote even if they are not in favor of any of candidates or parties. NOTA votes are counted & indicates that elector is not happy w/any of candidates.

Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail Machines

  • Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail is method that provides feedback to voters.

  • It is independent verification printer machine & is attached to electronic voting machines.

  • It allows voters to verify if their vote has gone to intended candidate.

Election Commission of India

  • Established – 1950

  • Headquarter – New Delhi

  • It consists of 3 members: Chief Election Commissioner & 2 other commissioners

  • ECI supervises, directs, & controls entire electoral process for elections to national parliament, state legislatures, & offices of national president & vice president.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 31, 2018

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