Women Entrepreneurs Platform: NITI Aayog’S WEP Signs SoI with Financial Institutions & Social Org. (Download PDF)

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Women Entrepreneurs Platform (WEP) of NITI Aayog on 27th June, 2018 signed 5 separate Statements of Intent (SoIs) w/financial institutions & social organizations. It aims to address knowledge gaps, promote partner connects & increase outreach of partner programmes.

Image of Women Entrepreneurs Platform

Image of Women Entrepreneurs Platform

Image of Women Entrepreneurs Platform

Organisations Are:

  • Shri Mahila Sewa Sahakari Bank Limited

  • Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited

  • SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited

  • Sreemanta Sankar Mission

  • Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

Highlights of SoIs

SoIs signed w/financial institutions such as Shri Mahila Sewa Sahakari Bank, Indiabulls Housing Finance & SREI Infrastructure Finance will be included under WEP-Finance vertical. These SoIs will provide financial assistance to women entrepreneurs & address finance related challenges.

  • WEP’s partnership w/ Sreemanta Sankar Mission of Guwahati aims to empower established as well as aspiring women entrepreneurs in North East India thru WEP North East Chapter & will work to popularise WEP in North East.

  • SoI w/ Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) , trade union & organisation of self-employed women workers, includes commitments to mobilise women entrepreneurs in rural areas & promote them in Livelihood Entrepreneurship.

  • WEP website, that is enriched w/entrepreneurial initiatives & supports programmes, would guide one to schemes, initiatives & products relevant to requirement.

Women Entrepreneurs Platform (WEP)

  • WEP is initiative under NITI Aayog which was launched on 8th March, 2018 on occasion of International Women’s Day.

  • Idea of Platform was 1st mooted by Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog, who announced setting-up of Women Entrepreneurship Platform in NITI Aayog at conclusion of 8th Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) held in Hyderabad in 2017.

  • Women Entrepreneurs Platform was established to substantially increase number of women entrepreneurs who will create & empower dynamic New India.

  • WEP aims to create opportunities & support women to help them realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, scale up innovative initiatives, & chalk out sustainable & long-term strategies for their businesses.

  • WEP intends to undertake this task thru its partner organisations, private as well as public; by bringing their existing as well as new women specific initiatives on single platform.

  • It aims to address knowledge gaps, promote partner connects & increase outreach of partner programmes.

  • WEP aspires to substantially increase number of women entrepreneurs to create & empower dynamic new India by opening up avenues of growth & opportunity for women entrepreneurs.

  • These aspirations of women entrepreneurs are manifested in 3 pillars on which WEP is built:

    • Ichha Shakti: Motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to start their enterprise.

    • Gyaan Shakti: Providing knowledge & ecosystem support to women entrepreneurs to help them foster entrepreneurship.

    • Karma Shakti: Providing hands-on support to entrepreneurs in setting-up & scaling up businesses.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 3, 2018

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