Women Entrepreneurs in India: Opportunities and Challenges (Download PDF)

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Resurgence of entrepreneurship is the need of the hour. Women comprise of nearly half of the world՚s population. Entrepreneual activities in medium and small scale enterprises. An effective strategy to solve the problems of rural and urban poverty.

  • A strong economic well-being of the families and the communities.
  • Contribution to Millennium Development Goals.
  • As per the MSME Annual Report there are more women՚s enterprises based in rural areas compared to urban areas.
  • Women Enterprises are mainly micro sized, proprietary and informal.

Need of More Women Entrepreneurs

  • Economic growth
  • Narrowing gender gap
  • Company culture and safety at workplace

Male/Female – Owned Enterprises in Rural and Urban Areas

Male/Female – Owned Enterprises in Rural and Urban Areas

Sector Specific Business Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Logistics Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism industry
  • Education Sector
  • Beauty and Wellness Industry
  • Conventional enterprises like handloom & handicraft, jam & jelly, pickle making, beauty parlours and bakery units.

Challenges Facing

  • Limited access to bank loans.
  • Most women entrepreneurs are relying on self-finance.
  • Lack of networks.
  • Lack of market intelligence.
  • Knowhow to start.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 3, 2020

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