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China inaugurated Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, world’s longest sea bridge w/total length of 55 km. New sea bridge will connect east & west sides of Pearl River Delta of South China Sea, connecting 2 Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong & Macau with Zhuhai i. e. mainland China.

Image of World’s Longest Bridge

Image of World’s Longest Bridge

Image of World’s Longest Bridge

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

  • It includes dual 3-lane, oversea stretch (22.9 km) & undersea tunnel (6.7 km) which reaches depth of 44 m.

  • Rest 25.4 km of bridge runs over land. 2 ends of tunnel of bridge are connected to 2 artificial islands, each million sq. ft. , constructed in shallow areas of Pearl River Estuary to allow transit b/w bridge & tunnel sections.

  • 6.7 km undersea tunnel is made of chain of 33 submerged hollow blocks, each 38 m wide, 11.4 m high & weighing 80,000 tonnes.

  • Bridge contains 400,000 tonnes of steel. It is designed to withstand magnitude-8 earthquake & strikes by super-sized cargo ships.

  • Project was initially conceived in 2003, & construction began on December 2009.

  • Its total cost was 120 billion yuan ( $17.3 billion). This is shared in different proportions by Hong Kong, Macau & Zhuhai governments.

  • It is estimated that 29,000 vehicles would cross bridge every day.

Significance of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

  • China considers this mega structure as key component of its plans to develop Greater Bay Area.

  • This area will be business hub comprising Hong Kong, Macau & 9 cities of Guangdong province (mainland China).

  • This bay area is being developed w/aim to rival New York (US) & Tokyo (Japan) in terms of technological innovation & economic success.

  • This bridge will play vital role in facilitating creation of single market by connecting.

  • Bridge will put 3 cities w/I hour’s commute of each other & is expected to boost economic development.

  • It will cut travel time from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai from 4 hr. to 45 minutes.

  • It will bring down trip b/w Kwai Chung Container Port (Hong Kong) & Zhuhai to 1 hr. & 15 minutes from existing 3½ hours. s

Criticisms of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

  • Bridge is considered in another move of China to assert more control over Hong Kong & Macau special administrative regions.

  • Both provinces are former European colonies (Hong Kong was under British control & Macau was under Portuguese control), handed back to China in late 1990 & are run under “1 country, 2 systems” principle, which allows them to retain their economic & democratic systems of govt. (multi-party system) independent of China for 50 years.

  • Concerns of affecting ecology of area especially to White Chinese dolphin are raised.

  • Safety concerns of bridge are raised after reports that artificial islands has drifted.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 21, 2019


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