World Snake Day 2020

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World Snake Day 2020

  • Two non-profits in rural Karnataka are using a pilot project to tackle India՚s huge snakebite problem.
  • Radio telemetry along with solar lanterns and gumboots is being used for that purpose.
World Snake Day 2020


  • The two non-profits are-
    • Humane Society International
    • Liana Trust
  • Radio telemetry of venomous snakes helps in better understanding
    • Their movements
    • Ecology
    • Behavior
  • This will give local people precise guidance on how to adapt behavior to best live alongside their reptile neighbors.
  • Most of the snakebites are caused by the Twenty four Russell՚s viper՚s species of snakes.
  • Project team is tracking them.
  • When the locals see a Russell՚s viper, they inform the team.
  • The team immediately fits a transmitter and releases the snake in the same location.
  • This way, the data about the snake movement is collected.
  • As a part of the project, 225 solar lanterns and 200 pairs of gumboots have also been provided to the residents.
  • Educational outreach programmes for children will also be conducted monthly on snake safety lessons, using films and slide shows.
  • These programmes teach them how to identify venomous snakes, how to play safe, and what action to take if bitten.
  • The team believes that the children would take these skills back to their families.
  • India is snake capital of the world with 58,000 human deaths every year.
  • World Snake Day is celebrated annually on July 16.
  • The aim of celebrating the day is to raise awareness about the different types of snake species and the important role they play in maintaining ecological balance.
  • There are over 3,500 species of snakes in the world, but only about 600 of them are venomous.

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