World’s First Zika Vaccine Candidates Has Been Developed by Bharat Biotech


The world’s first Zika vaccine has been innovated by Hyderabad-based vaccines manufacturer Bharat Biotech. They have developed two candidates of vaccine, one of them is inactivated and second one is recombinant type which is recently submitted to the Government.

Key facts:

  • These two candidates are in almost at the last stage of development and will be ready soon approximately in five months.
  • In July 2015 Company has already filed patents for both candidates in and also very soon they will start animal tests soon after regulatory approvals for conducting clinical trials.
  • Earlier this company has successfully developed vaccine on vector borne Chikungunya disease which is very similar to Zika so this company is able to achieve this medical innovation.

Inactivated vaccine:

  • It is made up of the disease-causing virus which is killed with chemicals, radiation or heat.
  • These viruses are developed below the controlled conditions, they are able to reduce non-infectious in order to decrease antigenicity.
  • It is more stable and harmless vaccine as compared to vaccines using live microbes.

Recombinant DNA vaccine:

  • It is developed based on the recombinant DNA technology.
  • This technology includes injecting the DNA encoding antigen that stimulates protected response.
  • It usually uses a tempered virus or bacterium to present microbial DNA to cells of the body.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 4, 2016