Yojana 2020: IFLOWS: Flood Warning System

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Flood Warning System

  • A state of the art Integrated Flood Warming System.
  • Ministry of Earth Sciences in collaboration with BMC.
  • Will help Mumbai become more resilient?
  • Providing early warnings during high rainfall events and cyclones.
  • Estimate of the flood inundation 3 days in advance along with 3 - 6 hours now cast (immediate Weather Updates) .
  • Useful for people to be evacuated from low lying areas.
  • It is possible to forecast 12 hours in advance that a particular spot may get flooded.
  • Also forecast the rainfall in each pocket.
  • The system uses rain gauge data and local data such as data on land use, land topography, drainage systems, water bodies, tide levels, infrastructure and population.

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