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Initiative take by States/Union Territories: States & UTS such as Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Daman & Diu, & Goa have achieved maximum compliance w/respect to provisions of SWM Rules. Initiatives taken by Chhattisgarh State are as follows: Door-to-door collection, waste segregation, & transportation in covered vehicles completed in all ULBs;

  • Land for waste processing facilities identified in all 168 ULNs;
  • No sanitary landfills planned-166 ULBs have Solid & Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) Centres & 2 ULBs have Compost/Refuse-derived fuel (ESF) facilities;
  • SLRMs planned for Gram Panchayats;
  • Bioremediation/capping completed in 160 ULBs/Remaining 8 to be covered by 2021; &
  • Municipal bye-laws for levying spot fine for littering framed

Setting up of Waste-to-Energy Plants:

  • Four waste-to-energy plants have been set-up in country of which 3 plants are in Delhi. Electricity generated by these plants is purchased by power regulators & is fed to national grid.

Development of Model Cities:

  • Model cities which include Pune (Maharashtra), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), & Ambikapur (Chhattisgarh) have been developed which have implemented efficient methods for collection. Segregation, & waste processing facilities, They have also implemented efficient methods for remediation of dumpsites & reclaimed land from same.

Increased Judicial Intervention

Some of major Orders issued by NGT include;

  • Every State & Union Territory shall enforce & implement Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 in all respects & w/o any further delay.
  • All State Govt. & Union Territories shall prepare an action plan in terms of Rules of 2016 & directions in this judgment, w/I 4 weeks from date of pronouncement of judgment.
  • It shall be mandatory to provide for a buffer zone around plants & landfill sites.
  • Landfill sites shall be subjected to bio stabilization w/I 6 months from date of pronouncement of order.
  • There shall be complete prohibition on open burning of waste on lands, including at landfill sites.
  • Steps for compliance of Rules 22 & 24 of SWM be now taken w/I 6, weeks to extent not yet taken. Similar 23 steps be taken w/regard to Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules & Plastic Waste Management Rules.
  • At least 3 major cities & as many major towns as possible in State & at least 3 panchayats in every District may be notified on website w/I 2 weeks from today (22 - 12 - 16) … as model cities/towns/villages which will be made fully compliant w/I next 6 months (from 22 - 12 - 16).
  • Remaining cities, towns & Village Panchayats of State may be made fully compliant in respect of environmental norms w/I 1 year.


  • Various challenges faced in implementation of SEM Rules include following:
  • Segregation of waste at source by waste generators;
  • Lack of infrastructure for collection & transportation of waste;
  • Management of legacy waste;
  • Rural areas not covered in most of States/Uts; &
  • Enforcement issues.

Way Forward

  • Focus of SWM is to maximize resource recovery from waste so as to facilitate availability of these resources for efficient SWM.
  • Creating public awareness for involvement of diff. stakeholders for SWM;
  • Development of ULB-wise action plan for collection, segregation, transportation & processing of waste,
  • Capacity building in various regimes of SWM;
  • Laying down of an appropriate governance framework at State & district levels;
  • Clear allocation of responsibility to ULBs & waste generators for setting up of infrastructure & for involving informal sector in waste collection segregation; &
  • Adequate technical support to ULBs for processing technology & best practices in waste management.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 18, 2019


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