U.S. Turkey Relations and Us’s Action on H1B Visa, Bench and Switch Scam (Download PDF)

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Strategic allies since the Cold War. Both are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) . A military alliance was formed in 1949 to counter the Soviet influence. Due to Syrian war, Turkey has drifted away from the US over serious differences.

U. S. Present Decision and the Future

  • Recently Turkey acquired the S-400 missile system from Russia.
  • U. S fears that this might jeopardise non-disclosable information regarding the F-35 jets.
  • Could provide Russia access to the technological secrets underpinning NATOs most sophisticated weapon systems.
  • U. S. ′ s announcement to terminate Turkey ′ s participation in the F-35 fighter jet programme.
  • Also threatens to impose economic sanctions on Turkey under CAATSA (Countering America՚s Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) .
  • Turkey would lose out on manufacturing opportunities, and its pilots would have to cease their training in the US.
  • Turkey acquired the S-400 missile system for its air defence in the context of the Syrian civil war.
  • Turkey is also planning to buy advanced Sukhoi fighter jets (the Su-35 and/or the Su-57) from Russia.

Us՚s Action on Bench and Switch Scam

  • “Bench-and-switch” scheme.
  • To manipulate the process of acquiring an H-1B visa.

H-1B Visa

  • A visa category that lets US employers recruits skilled foreign nationals in “specialty occupations” .
  • Such occupations require theoretical and practical application of a highly specialized body of knowledge.
  • Also requires attainment of a bachelor՚s or higher degree in a specific specialty.
  • Getting the H-1B requires going through a lengthy process.
  • The duration of stay under this visa is 3 years, extendable to 6 years.

Bench and Switch Scam About

  • Has been used by staffing companies in order to cut back on waiting time.
  • An unfair advantage in getting the H-1B visa.
  • A staffing agency engaging in this practice makes H-1B applications for its foreign worker clients.
  • Fake data is created by the agency about its clients to defraud the various authorities in the visa process.
  • A bench of fraudulently authorized foreign workers is created by process manipulation.
  • The IT sector is especially fraught with this scam.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 24, 2020


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