to Provide Real Time Visibility Information to Pilots IMD Has Develops Drishti


To provide real time visibility information to pilots India Meteorology Department (IMD) has indigenously developed an instrument named Drishti. With the use of this instrument pilots are able to take quick decision during critical landings and take-offs of aircraft particularly during foggy or rainy days.

Key facts:

  • Drishti has been developed by the surface instruments division of IMD based in Pune, Maharashtra.
  • The system transfer the crucial visibility updates to the pilots in real time who can now use this information that will be updated every minute.
  • Drishti is a transmissometer that takes in account the real time weather limitations like humidity, wind speed, temperature conditions, etc. , along the runway in order to calculate the visibility distance offered at that particular runway.
  • Usually due to the poor visibility, the aircraft processes are getting disturbed that affects passenger traffic during winter and monsoon seasons especially in Northern India.
  • At the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi the first Drishti instrument was installed in 2015 on a trial basis.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 18, 2016