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    • Sep 9, 2021
    •  Mediation Work to Resolve Ayodhya Dispute [ Policies & Governance, Committees & Govt. Bodies ]

      The Ayodhya (Ram-Mandir Babri-Masjid) dispute has been referred to a panel of three mediators by a Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court. The panels՚s main objective is to ensure the Supreme Court whether there can be a resolution to the dispute other than the court verdict o…

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    •  🌟 Important New Railway Initiatives (July 2017) [ Policies & Governance ]

      Minister of Railways has launched following important projects: Rail Cloud Project, NIVARAN-Grievance Portal (First IT Application on Rail Cloud) , and Cashless treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE) Scheme and Handing over of 1st CTSE Card.


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    • Sep 8, 2021
    •  New Catering Policy of Railways [ Policies & Governance, Railways ]

      New Catering Policy՚s objective is to provide quality food to rail passengers, by unbundling catering services on trains. Other objective is to create primary distinction b/w food preparation & food distribution in trains.

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