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  • May 7, 2017
  • 1 ISRO Launches Solar Calculator App [ Science/Technology ]

    ISRO has launched a Solar Calculator application that allows for accurate calculation of the benefit of installing solar panels at any location in the country. The App provides monthly/yearly solar potential (in kWh/m2) and minimum/maximum temperature at any location Global warmi

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  • 2 Scientists Create ‘Artificial Womb’ [ Science/Technology ]

    Scientists create artificial womb that could save the lives of premature babies. The study describes a new system that allows fetal lambs at a similar stage of development as critically pre-term human infants (defined as births earlier than 24 weeks) to survive outside of the mot

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  • May 1, 2017
  • 1 NASA Successfully Launches Super Pressure Balloon [ Science/Technology ]

    NASA successfully launched Super pressure balloon from Wanaka Airport, New Zealand. A mission designed to run 100 or more days floating at 110, 000 feet (33.5 km) about the globe in the southern hemisphere’s mid-latitude band. While validating the super pressure balloon technolog

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  • 2 3D-Printed Metal Fabrics Developed for Space [ Science/Technology ]

    3D-printed metal fabric has been developed by the scientists in NASA. It has been made to use for astronaut spacesuits or as shields and insulation for spacecraft. The fabrics are the foldable one and can change shape quickly which can be useful for large antennas and other deplo

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  • 3 ISRO’S Mission Venus [ Science/Technology ]

    Post the Mars mission, the Indian Space Research Organization’s is planning for a mission to Venus. Though various speculations have been made regarding the launch but the officials have said that the launch will not be happening before 2020. That has been planning to spend a spa

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  • 4 📹 Super-Earth Discovered [ Science/Technology ]

    The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics scientists has found a new super-earth like planet. Since the one we found 40 years back which was twice the size of mother earth. It has happened yet again. It has LHS 1140b which is orbiting the habitable zone of a small red dwarf

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  • Apr 28, 2017
  • 1 The First ‘Made in India’ Robot [ Science/Technology ]

    The Tata Motors have unveiled the first ‘conceptualized, designed and manufactured articulated industrial robot’ called “BRABO”. BRABO stands for “Bravo Robot”. The robot has been developed indigenously for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in India. It has been develope

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  • 2 📹 Seabed Resident Event Profiler (SREP) Robot Developed by NIO [ Science/Technology ]

    National institute of Oceanography has developed a robotic platform, Seabed Resident Event Profiler which is capable of being stationed at any water depth from 0 - 200 meters to track the oceanic processes. It has been made to regularly record the water column information at ever

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  • Apr 18, 2017
  • 1 Belle-II Detector System Integrated with Powerful Super KEKB Accelerator [ Science/Technology ]

    The Belle-II experiment which has been done in Tsukub, Japan conducted by The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) has been completed. It can be taken as the step forward by integrating particle detector with powerful accelerator. The word roll-in refers to the ope

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  • 2 Survey of India Launches Web Portal Nakshe [ Science/Technology ]

    A new web portal has been launched by the Survey of India to make open series maps available to Indians for free. It was launched by Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Science, Harsh Vardhan on the occasion of 250th anniversary of SOI.

    Logo of Survey of India

    Logo of Survey of India

    Logo of Survey of India

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  • Apr 14, 2017
  • 1 Scientists Discovers Protein PorB That Increases Effectiveness of Vaccines Against Cancer [ Science/Technology ]

    A protein called PorB has been discovered by the scientist from Boston university School of Medicine. This could help to make vaccinations more effective and provide protection from diseases such as cancer. The researchers have found the protein on the exterior of the bacteria. I

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  • 2 Cyber Physical Systems Programme Launched by Government [ Science/Technology ]

    It is the Department of Science and Technology that has launched Cyber Physical systems programme dealing with self-driven cars, autonomous unmanned vehicles and aircraft navigation systems. The amount of Rs. 3000- crore has been conceived for it and it will first take root in so

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  • 3 Astronomers Discover Venus-Like Planet Orbiting a Dim Star Kepler-1649 [ Science/Technology ]

    Astronomers using NASA’s Kepler space telescope have discovered a Venus-like planet orbiting a dim star called Kepler-1649. Is one-fifth the diameter of our Sun and is located 219 light-years away from Earth.

    Image shows Super - Venus

    Image Shows Super - Venus

    Image shows Super - Venus


    • The

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  • 4 Government Launches E-Challan and M-Parivahan Apps for Enforcement of Traffic Rules [ Science/Technology ]

    Two applications have been launched by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways – e-challan and m-parivahan so that a comprehensive digital solution for enforcement of traffic rules can be given. These applications will serve the citizens by enabling them to report any t

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  • Apr 9, 2017
  • 1 Scientists Discover Fungus That Eats Plastic [ Science/Technology ]

    Scientists from CAS discovered a soil fungus Aspergillus tubingensis that uses enzymes to rapidly break down plastic materials. Ever-growing problem of Plastic waste that threatens to destroy our environment. The plastic-eating fungus was found

    • Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Plastic Eating Fungus

    Plastic Eating Fungus

    Plastic Eating Fungus

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  • Apr 6, 2017
  • 1 Scientists for First Time Saw Eclipses of Binary Star Shed Light on Orbiting Exoplanet [ Science/Technology ]

    Team of scientists from Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru, and University of Delhi have seen for the first time indications of a massive planet orbiting a low mass X-ray binary star system. The technique that has been used, namely, X-ray observations, is a new way of detecting

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  • 2 E-Challan and M- Parivahan Apps for Enforcement of Traffic Rules Launched by Government [ Science/Technology ]

    Two mobile applications —e-challan and m-parivahan to provide a comprehensive digital solution for enforcement of traffic rules launched by The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. M-Parivahan is a citizen-centric app and e-challan is a law enforcement app

    Image of the Application

    Image of the Application

    Image of the Application

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  • 3 India Becomes Net Exporter of Power for the First Time [ Science/Technology ]

    CEA, under Union Power Ministry, India for the first time has become a net exporter of electricity during the April-February period in fiscal 2016 - 17. During this period, India has exported around 5, 798 million units to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, which is 213 million unit

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  • Apr 2, 2017
  • 1 Government Launches Online Film Certification System [ Science/Technology ]

    The Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry Venkaiah Naidu has the E-Cameraman, an online film certification system of the CBFC. The much-scrutinised Censor Board of Film Certification is taking new strides in attempt to overhaul.

    Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu

    Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu

    Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu

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  • 2 4 ISRO Teams Join 36th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica [ Science/Technology ]

    ISRO has joined the 36th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica organised by the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research. ISRO has sent four teams to install stakes on ice for DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) to validate the glacier surface velocity.

    ISRO Sends Four Teams to Antarctica

    ISRO Sends Four Teams to Antarctica

    ISRO Sends Four Teams to Antarctica

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  • 3 ICICI Launched Mera iMobile Application for Rural Customers [ Science/Technology ]

    ICICI Bank Ltd. has launched mobile banking app for rural customers that allow them to access banking services as well as information on agri services. This is offering 135 agri-services, across 11 Indian languages.

    Image of the Mera iMobile application

    Image of the Mera IMobile Application

    Image of the Mera iMobile application

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  • 4 Indian Navy Successfully Test Fires Barak Missile from INS Vikramaditya [ Science/Technology ]

    India’s navy successfully test fired its first surface-to-air Barak missile from its aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya. The test firing, conducted in the Arabian Sea. The missile was fired against a live low flying high speed target.

    Image of the Barak missile

    Image of the Barak Missile

    Image of the Barak missile

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  • Mar 30, 2017
  • 1 ISRO Commissions World’S Third-Largest Hypersonic Wind Tunnel [ Science/Technology ]

    ISRO Commissions the world’s third largest hypersonic wind tunnel and shock tunnel, at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram. ISRO chairman A S Kiran Kumar commissioned two facilities –

    • A 1-m Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
    • A 1-m Shock Tunnel
    ISRO commissions World's 3rd-largest Wind Tunnel

    ISRO Commissions World’s 3rd-largest Wind Tunnel

    ISRO commissions World’s 3rd-largest Wind Tunnel

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  • Mar 28, 2017
  • 1 Scientists in Netherlands Develop New, Super-Fast Wi – Fi Network [ Science/Technology ]

    Scientists have developed a new wireless Internet based on harmless infrared rays, Which is reportedly 100 times faster than existing Wireless Fidelity networks. According to the researchers, at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

    This Wi-Fi is 100 times faster

    This Wi-Fi is 100 Times Faster

    This Wi-Fi is 100 times faster

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  • 2 Scientists Discover Five New Sub-Atomic Particles at CERN [ Science/Technology ]

    Scientists using large LHC at CERN and most powerful particle accelerator have discovered a new system of five particles all in a single analysis. This discovery is unique as observing five new states all at once are very rare.

    CERN scientists discover new sub-atomic particles

    CERN Scientists Discover New Sub-atomic Particles

    CERN scientists discover new sub-atomic particles

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  • 3 Japan Launches Satellite to Monitor North Korea [ Science/Technology ]

    Japan successfully launched a new satellite to track land and maritime movements in North Korea and conduct surveys on the weapons program of the rogue state. The H-2A rocket was launched from the Tanegashima base in the south-east of Japan.

    Japan launches satellite to monitor North Korea

    Japan Launches Satellite to Monitor North Korea

    Japan launches satellite to monitor North Korea

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  • Mar 23, 2017
  • 1 Indrani Das Wins Top Prize in Regeneron Science Talent Search Competition [ Science/Technology ]

    Indrani Das, 17, has won the top, $250, 000 prize in the prestigious Regeneron Science Talent Search competition in the United States. Indrani Das won the award for her research on treating brain injury and disease. Taking home more than $1.8 million in award.

    Indian-American teenager Indrani Das wins top

    Indian-American Teenager Indrani Das Wins Top

    Indian-American teenager Indrani Das wins top

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  • Mar 20, 2017
  • 1 CCEA Approves Policy for Early Monetization of Coal Bed Methane Gas [ Science/Technology ]

    The CCEA chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved Policy for Early Monetization of Coal Bed Methane Gas Marketing and Pricing Freedom for CBM Gas. The policy provides marketing and pricing freedom to the CBM Contractors to sell the CBM at Arm’s Length Price in the dom

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  • 2 BrahMos Missile Successfully Test-Fired [ Science/Technology ]

    Successfully test-fired the 290-km range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, capable of carrying a conventional warhead of 300 kg, from a warship off the Goa coast. Missile performing high-level manoeuvres successfully hit the target ship.

    BrahMos missile successfully test-fired

    BrahMos Missile Successfully Test-fired

    BrahMos missile successfully test-fired

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  • 3 NTPC Installs India’S Largest Floating Solar PV Plant in Kerala [ Science/Technology ]

    NTPC Ltd has started power generation from India’s largest floating solar power plant at the Rajiv Gandhi Combined Cycle Power Plant (RGCCPP) Kayamkulam in Kerala. The plant was inaugurated by AK Jha, Director of the NTPC Ltd, The 100-kWp floating solar generation plant.

    NTPC installs India’s largest Floating Solar PV Plant in Kerala

    NTPC Installs India’s Largest Floating Solar PV Plant in Kerala

    NTPC installs India’s largest Floating Solar PV Plant in Kerala

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