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May 12, 2022

🌟 Sporting Optimism and Hope in Rural India, Health and Fitness in Sports (November 2021) 

Sporting Optimism and Hope in Rural India

  • Sports as a social phenomenon and cultural practice has been extensively and intensively affected by the evolution of urban areas.
  • The sports participation in cities has increased dramatically.
  • Effects on the increasing health awareness amon…

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🌟 Reshaping Sports in Rural Areas, Participation of Women in Sports (November 2021) 

Reshaping Sports in Rural Areas

  • India՚s success at the Olympics, a commendable achievement.
  • Many ‘firsts’ were added.
  • India is known as a powerhouse in wrestling.
  • Athletes from rural India remain the heroes of the success.
  • India bagged its highest medals ever achieved.
  • The first gold i…

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