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Jan 18, 2023

🌟 Commonwealth Games, 2022 (August 2022) 

The Commonwealth Games, more often than not referred to as the Friendly Games, is a global multisport competition held every four years for athletes belonging to the Commonwealth of nations. Since its debut in 1930, the games are conducted every four years with the exception of 1…

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Jul 28, 2022

🌟 A 3-Member Committee Appointed by the Apex Court to Oversee the Functioning of AIFF 

The All India Football Federation, simply known as the AIFF, is the governing body of football in India under jurisdiction of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India.

All India Football Federation (AIFF)

  • The All India Football Federation, simply known as the AIFF,…

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Jul 6, 2022

🌟 First Multidimensional Adventure Sports Expedition 

India՚s first multi-dimensional adventure sports expedition was flagged-in by the defense minister recently and the same was conducted by National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports (NIMAS) in France. Earlier in November 2021, the expedition was conducted and the team …

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May 12, 2022

🌟 Reshaping Sports in Rural Areas, Participation of Women in Sports (November 2021) 

Reshaping Sports in Rural Areas

  • India՚s success at the Olympics, a commendable achievement.
  • Many ‘firsts’ were added.
  • India is known as a powerhouse in wrestling.
  • Athletes from rural India remain the heroes of the success.
  • India bagged its highest medals ever achieved.
  • The first gold i…

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🌟 Sporting Optimism and Hope in Rural India, Health and Fitness in Sports (November 2021) 

Sporting Optimism and Hope in Rural India

  • Sports as a social phenomenon and cultural practice has been extensively and intensively affected by the evolution of urban areas.
  • The sports participation in cities has increased dramatically.
  • Effects on the increasing health awareness amon…

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SportsBased on Kurukshetra

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