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    • Sep 3, 2021
    •  North East: Yojana April 2018 Summary (Part – 1) [ Based on Yojana ]

      Forthcoming Issue: Nutrition - North East is about pleasant tourist spot, fabulous handlooms and handicrafts or its friendly people, Due to its Geographical Isolation and perceived difference, the region has, faced backwardness and indifferent development in many sectors.

      North East: Yojana April 2018 Summary (In English)

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    • Sep 2, 2021
    •  North East: Yojana April 2018 Summary (Part – 3) [ Based on Yojana ]

      The Fallacy of Socio-Cultural Isolation - Coined by British civil servant Alexander Mackenzie, the term ‘Northeastern Frontier’ in the contemporary time comprised of 8 Indian states viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.

      North East: Yojana April 2018 Summary (In English)

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    •  Down to Earth Governance Rankings [ Economics, Agriculture, Agro Industry & Allied Activities, Based on Down-to-Earth ]

      Down to Earth Governance Rankings

      • Down to Earth՚s State of India՚s Environment 2020: In Figures rankings were released recently.
      • Top three spots have been taken by
        • Tamil Nadu
        • Maharashtra
        • Himachal Pradesh
      • The ranking is based on ten parameters.


      • Th…

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    •  Kurukshetra November 2018 - Rural Health (Part 2) [ Based on Kurukshetra ]

      Present Situation: Govt. facilities face different set of challenges in ensuring quality of care: huge patient load, lack of accountability, absenteeism, management gaps & fixed salary based payment incentives.

      • Current legal framework for regulation of medical services is under Cl…

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