Preparation Tips for the EPFO 2022

Get top class preparation for competitive exams right from your home: get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of your exam.

  1. Check UPSC EPFO 2020 Recruitment Test (RT) Latest Exam Pattern
  2. Make a list of Important Topics of Each Subject
  3. Practice Previous Year Papers
  4. Read Daily to Increase Knowledge and Improve Comprehension Skills
  5. Create & Revise Notes

Topic-Wise Strategy

  • Indian Freedom Struggle: For this you can read either lucent but for a more detailed information, you can check A brief history of Modern India Spectrum that has all the details. Also, it will help you in covering every topic of Modern Indian History that is helpful in even other competitive examination. If you have paucity of time, you can also choose to pick 12 Class NCERT for Indian History.
  • Indian Polity & Economy: Mostly topics that are in heating debate appears in the examination but don՚t skip the basics. Read Polity NCERT of 11 and 12 Class that will cover almost all the topics that will be coming in the examination other the new amendments. Also, clear you basics of economics from the NCERT and than directly read economy news from the compilation as well as the newspaper.
  • For current topics: Read a newspaper daily. You can pick any among the Indian Express and The Hindu that are considered the best among the rest. Keep a track on government policies and schemes. You can also read a monthly magazines that will have compilation of the whole month supporting your revision.
  • General Mental Ability & Quantitative Aptitude: This topic requires lot of practice rather than learning. So, solve as many question as you can. Topics like Ratio, Percentage, Area & Volume, Time & Distance, Syllogism, Directions, SI, etc appears in the examination. Solve them on almost daily basis if you are weak in this area. If you are well-versed in this area, you can start it՚s preparation from July onwards.
  • Social Security in India: Social security is covered in current section but if you want to prepare it well you can opt for any social security book. don՚t forget to check the facts with the official websites.
  • General Accounting Principles: You can go through the Accounts NCERT of 11th standard that will serve your purpose.
  • General Science & knowledge of Computer applications: General science can be covered with NCERT OF 6 - 10 Class. For computer knowledge, you have to pick every piece from different areas. You can check the book that has everything this exam demands. Although it is designed for the banking students, but it will serve your purpose.

General Strategy

  • Plan: Make a comprehensive plan that can cover all the topics extensively. Read the topic-wise strategy and divide your slot for all the topics. Your plan should include solving quiz, newspaper reading, making notes, learning, revision, etc. This means your plan should be very detailed.
  • Mock Test: don՚t forget to solve mock and model test paper so that you don՚t lack MCQ solving ability during that time.
  • Newspaper: Read a newspaper daily and make notes of some important points. You can use online note making method using evernote as well. Also, read monthly compilation as some of the topics that are in pib and prs are not covered in the newspaper.
  • Note Making: Make notes of everything you read in short so that you can read them anytime and this will help you before the examination as you can not pick books before the examination.
  • Revision: Revise everything you read at the end of the week. Also when only a month is left in the examination, revise everything everyday and make yourself exam ready.
  • Previous Year՚s Paper: Go through the previous year՚s paper as it will give you an insight about the type of question asked in the examination. Also, practice them to understand the nature of the examination. Take section/topic-wise break-up to know how the questions are picked.