Educational Loans of United Western Bank

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All the branches of United Western Bank Ltd have started functioning as units of IDBI Ltd since the year 2006. Hence if any services of United Western Bank are to be availed, IDBI can be consulted for it.

History of United Western Bank

United Western Bank was established in the year 1936 by W. G aka Annasaheb Chirmule. UWB got the status of a scheduled bank in 1951, which was followed by two mergers, one with Union Bank of Kolhapur and another with Satara Swadeshi Commercial Bank Limited. UWB is now a large private sector bank which has almost 230 branches in 9 states apart from its Zonal offices at Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Nagpur and Jalgaon.

Merger of IDBI & UWB

IDBI was formed as a Development Financial Institution in 1964. Later it became a full-fledged commercial banking company in the name of Industrial Development Bank of India Limited to offer diverse services in corporate banking, agri-products, retail sector and SME Finance.

  • The merger of IDBI and UWB came to force on 3rd October in 2006.
  • All the UWB branches have been operating as IDBI Ltd branches since then.
  • Whether you have deposited your money or availed of any other service of UWB Ltd. you can continue to use your account or the services as IDBI customers.

Further Information

Thus if you have plans to avail of UWB Education Loans, you can visit any branch of IDBI. To know more about the scheme of IDBI Student Loan, visit IDBI Student Loan