GATE: Books for Electrical Engineering

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Most Important Books

  1. Principles of Electronics by V.K. Mehta - Buy from
  2. Radio Engineering by G.K. Mithal - Buy from
  3. Circuit Analysis by Gupta - Buy from
  4. Electrical Technology by Thereja - Buy from
  5. Electrical Power by Star
  6. Physics of Semiconductor Devices by Sze - Buy from
  7. Automatic Control System by Kuo - Buy from
  8. Elements of Engineering Electromagnetics by Rao - Buy from
  9. Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating System by Jordan & Balmain - Buy from
  10. Modern Central Engineering by Ogata
  11. Electromagnetic Waves and Field by R N Singh
  12. Control Systems Engineering by Nagrath Gopal - Buy from
  13. Semi Conductor by Nagchoudhary
  14. Integrated Circuits by D. Roy Choudhary - Buy from
  15. Network Analysis by Valkenbury
  16. Basic Current Analysis by Murthy
  17. Topics in Communication Theory by David Middleton - Buy from

Other Important Books

  1. Network Analysis by Van Valkenburg - Buy from
  2. Electromagnetic by Willaim H. Hayt - Buy from
  3. Electrical Machinery by PS Bimbhra - Buy from
  4. Electrical Machines by Nagrath & Kothari - Buy from
  5. Power System Engineering by Nagrath & Kothari - Buy from
  6. Electric Power Systems by CL Wadhwa - Buy from
  7. Automatic Control System by Benjamin C. Kuo - Buy from
  8. Control System Engg. by Nagrath & Gopal
  9. Electrical & Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney - Buy from
  10. Integrated Electronics by Milman & Halkias; Millma & Grobel - Buy from
  11. Digital Logic & Computer Design by Morris Mano - Buy from
  12. Power Electronics by PS Bimbhra - Buy from


Electrical Circuits

  1. Electrical Circuits 1&2 by Nasser, Schaum Series
  2. Electrical Circuits by Chakraborty
  3. Network Analysis by Van Vulkenberg - Buy from
  4. Electrical Circuits by Hast & Kimberly, TMH Series.

Electromagnetic Theory

  1. Field Theory by K A Gangadhar - Buy from
  2. Electromagnetic Waves by Jordan & Balmian - Buy from
  3. Electromagnetic Theory by Saddique, Oxford Publications

Microwaves and Antennas

  1. Microwaves by Kulkarni - Buy from
  2. Microwaves by Liu, PHI Publications
  3. Electromagnetic Theory by Saddique, Oxford Publications.
  4. Electromagnetic Waves by Jordan & Balmian. - Buy from

Analog Communication

  1. Communication Systems, 2nd Edition, by Simon Haykins - Buy from
  2. Analog and Digital Communications by K. Sam Shanmugam - Buy from
  3. Analog and Digital Communications, Schaum Series - Buy from
  4. Communication Systems by Kennedy. - Buy from

Analog Electronics

  1. Micro electronics by Milliman and Grabel.
  2. Integrated Electronics by Milliman and Halkis - Buy from
  3. Pulse, Digital & Switching Waveforms by Taub abd Schilling - Buy from
  4. Op-amps by Roy Chowdhury
  5. Op-Amps by Gayakwad - Buy from

Digital Electronics

  1. Digital Design by Morris Mano. - Buy from
  2. Switching theory and Logical Design by Kohavi.
  3. Digital Electronics by R P Jain. - Buy from

Electrical Machines

  1. Electrical Machines by P.S. Bhimbra - Buy from
  2. Generalised theory of Machines by P.S. Bhimbra
  3. Electrical Machines by Nagrath and Kothari - Buy from

Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

  1. Power Elctronics by P.S.Bhimbra - Buy from
  2. Power Electronics by Rashid - Buy from
  3. Electrical Drives by G.K. Dubey

Signals and Systems

  1. Signals and Systems by Oppenheim & Schaber - Buy from
  2. Digital Signal Processing by Proakis, Maholanakis
  3. Digital Signal Processing by oppenheim & Willsky
  4. Signals and Systems, Schaum Series. - Buy from


Control Systems

  1. Modern Control Systems by Nagrath and Gopal
  2. Control Systems by B C Kuo. - Buy from

Electrical Measurements

  1. Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments by A K Sawhney.
  2. Electronic Measurements by Cooper & etc., PHI Publications. - Buy from

Power System Operation & Control

  1. Power System Analysis by C L Wadhwa
  2. Power Systems by Nagrath and Kothari - Buy from
  3. Power Systems by Ashfaq Hussein
  4. Modern Power System Analysis by Nagrath - Buy from
  5. Power Systems by Sunil S Rao (for topics like RTU, SCADA, FACTS etc.) - Buy from

Power System Protection

  1. Power System Protection by Badri Ram and Vishwa Karma, TMH Publications - Buy from
  2. Power Systems by C L Wadhwa - Buy from
  3. Power Systems by Nagrath and Kothari - Buy from

Non Conventional Energy Resources

  1. Non Conventional Energy resources by G.D.Rai, Khanna Publicaions - Buy from

IC Fabrication and Technology

  1. Microelectronics by Milliman and Grabel - Buy from
  2. Linear Integrated Circuits by Roy Chowdhury.

Radar, Satellite and TV

  1. Microwaves by Kulkarni. - Buy from
  2. Communication Systems by Kennedy. - Buy from
  3. Satellite Engineering by John Wiley Publications.


  1. 8085 Microprocessor by Ramesh S Gaonkar - Buy from
  2. 8086 Microprocessor by Hall, TMH Publications.

Fibre Optic Communications by Senior

  1. Fibre Optic Communications by Senior, PHI Publications - Buy from

Digital Communications

  1. Analog & Digital Communications by K Sam Sanmugam
  2. Analog & Digital Communications by Schum Series - Buy from
  3. Digital Communications by Simon Haykin - Buy from

Electrical Engineering Materials

  1. Electrical Engineering Materials by Seth & Gupta
  2. Electrical Engineering Materials by Dekker - Buy from

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