GATE: Books for Instrumentation Engineering Optional

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  1. Chapterwise Previous Years՚solved Papers (2014 − 2000) Gate Instrumentation Engineering by Vipul Gupta-
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  3. GATE-2015: Instrumentation Engineering by Easy Made-
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  5. Gate Tutor 2015 Instrumentation Engineering by E. R. Ankit Goel-
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  7. GATE Paper Instrumentation 2015 by Gk Publications Private Limited-
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  9. GATE Instrumentation Engineering 2015 by GKPublisher-
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  11. Process Control Instrumentation Technology by Johnson Curtis-
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  13. Industrial Instrumentation by K. Krishnaswamy-
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  15. Electronic Instrumentation by H. S. Kalsi-
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  17. Virtual Instrumentation Using Labview by Jerome Jovitha-
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